Saturday, February 24, 2024
More return customers. More new customers.
And a new way to reach them and talk with them.
Good for them - and great for you.
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  • Overview: How you get more business. How we help
  • How you reach new customers—and bring back the ones you have
  • Why its so good for you
  • Why its so good for your customers
  • Getting started
Overview: How you get more business. How we help.
You join World2one’s WORLD Platform, to show interested local people your best offers on your products and services. You control the offers, you tailor them to help you the most, and you only pay for the advertising when your customer uses it!
What is World2one’s WORLD Platform?
  • The best friend of local merchants — created for small business by small business.
  • A tool that turns one-time customers into repeat buyers.
  • A way to turn those who merely walked by your store into customers.
  • A means to reach customers who want your offers — but who won’t give you their email address.
How You Reach Customers - And Bring Back The Ones You Have
How people connect with your business and become a customer — and return customer

Your customers add you into their WORLD with a click of their mouse or a quick scan from their smart phone in all sorts of ways...
From a window display...
So people passing by your business get to connect with you.
From an in-store display...
So customers you’ve already got in your business can connect with you and come back.
From a store flyer...
Handed out to folks or placed where they will see it or...
From an online ad...
From your website...
...The possibilities are endless!!

Once those customers connect with you in their WORLD...

They see your best offers on all the devices they use every day.
Why It's So good for You. More Sales - And You're In Control.
You control the offer — so it works for you.
You determine the discount amount, when the offer is available, and how many customers get to use it.

Are Tuesdays always slow? Offer a discount for the first 25 people to walk in… and see what happens!
You only pay us if we succeed in getting the customer to take action with your Offer.

You don’t pay unless your customers engage with you. And, you keep the cash when they do pay. We never touch it. (No Groupon-like bad deal here, where the customer pays Groupon and Groupon gives you a little bit back here and there over several months. This is for small business by small business owners, remember?)

You only pay us once a month for the number of customers who showed up at your business and used the mobile app or printed your coupons.
Why It's So Good for Customers - And They'll Keep Coming Back
People want good deals — but don’t want to give up their anonymity or email address.
You’re a shopper and you want good deals too, right? But do you give your email address to everyone who asks? Do you like giving up lots of tracking information about yourself? Neither do most of your customers.
We solve this problem. We give you a way to talk to motivated customers who want to hear from you, but which you’d never reach otherwise.
People will regularly check a private, customized place they can see great deals on stuff they want.
When you decide to go out to dinner, wouldn’t you want a way to check which restaurants are offering good deals that night? So do your customers.

When you need to buy you or the kids new clothes, sports equipment, curtains or technology, wouldn’t you want an easy way to find a special coupon from a favorite local store? So do your customers.

When you suddenly need a plumber, tree service or an oil change, wouldn’t you want to see which of your trusted service options was offering a good deal? So do your customers.
Getting Started
How you get started—it takes only a few minutes.
First, you’ll create your business account (which only you’ll see), then create the description of your business that everyone will see.
Next, and as often as you want (we recommend at least twice a week), you’ll create your offers. You determine what you want to offer, when you want to offer it, and to how many customers it is available.

You can pick a time that is typically slow for your business or limit the number of Offers available so you’ll never again have to worry about getting “swamped” without the proper staffing.
Now you can reach many more people, advertise in your community, control its impact on your business, pay only when it succeeds, grow your business — and do it for a price you won’t believe.

Just click on our Pricing tab on the menu above to see how cheaply you get to do all of this.